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Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Yesterday I had my last acupuncture treatment of the year. I wanted to use up my annual insurance coverage for alternative medicine. The day was crispy cold and we are in complete lockdown here in the Netherlands, not much choice where to spend the time outside of my home, anyway. My acupuncturist dediced to give me a "balance treatment", as she calls it, since I had no special issues to address. This is also called acupuncture for general health and wellbeing. A wonderful protocol which helps improve circulation, reduce general muscle tension, and consequently enhances all body functions - immunity, digestion, fertility, rest, recovery, repair.

I find it to be a perfect (Christmas?) present to myself. While I was lying comfortably and having my feet heated under the infrared mineral lamp, the needles started to do their work - enabling the free flow of Qi. My body began to drift into the lightness, mind relaxing, emotions started to calm down and the Spirit entering nirvana state. No doubt, my body was in the healing mode.

In Chinese medicine, this kind of treatment is recommended ideally once a month as a means to maintain one's health and prevent disease. Something we all need urgently in these times when the Virus is threatening us at every step, wouldn't you agree?

"You can't control what goes on outside, but you can control what goes on inside." (Unknown)

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