I am Aleksandra. I am an acupuncturist in Amsterdam-Oost. I grew up in Slovenia. Acupuncturist is the profession I chose after moving to the Netherlands. Previously, I was a passionate librarian and a language teacher. My priorities are health, constant learning and good books. Being a healthy lifestyle and diet enthusiast myself, I love empowering and share knowledge with people to understand and connect with their bodies. I am especially interested in prevention of disease and conservation of health, which is the core of TCM. I believe listening to our body is essential to our health and happiness, and we are responsible for our own wellbeing. I want to share this awareness with you.

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I believe everything in life is related. One step leads to another, and during this process we grow and develop into our mission-role in this world. It seems clear to me now that my path towards becoming an acupuncturist started years ago.

When I moved to Amsterdam at age 37, I found a job at a corporate company. In the beginning it was very exciting and I appreciated the new experience and new people that I met there. But it didn't last long. I started to feel that this kind of work was not for me. Going to the office made me feel anxious and I was frustruated because I felt I was no longer doing things that I really wanted to do - which was helping people. One day I was sitting at my computer in dark office, exhausted and unable to find meaning in the job I was doing. I was at the edge of despair, when I got a strong feeling that I should quit this job and follow my dreams. Suddenly I started to feel hopeful and liberated. By then I knew exactly what I wanted to do.


When I was living in Slovenia, I became close friends with Marianne, an older American woman who was an acupuncturist. She introduced to me this amazing practice, gave me treatments, talked to me about Daoist philosophy, and I practiced qi gong with her. She was my teacher, my role model, my inspiration. Prior moving to Amsterdam, she encouraged me to study acupuncture. At that point, I couldn't believe it was even possible for me to take a step in that direction, I was unable to see that option although I loved the idea.


That day in the office, the image of myself as an acupuncturist suddenly became clear and I knew it was the right time to make the first step on the path I was being invited to. Following my guidance, in 2020 I completed 4-years of studies at Shenzhou Open University of TCM in Amsterdam, which included Foundations of TCM, Acupuncture, Foundations of Western Medicine and apprenticeship with TCM practitioners.  

Now, I am happy to share my expertise, knowledge and wisdom of TCM wider at Aleksandra Acupuncture & Holistic Care.

I look forward to start supporting you on your own journey to health and wellness.






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“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” Hippocrates 


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