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Regain & maintain your health with acupuncture



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At Aleksandra Acupuncture & Holistic Care practice in Amsterdam Oost, I provide a holistic and natural approach to healing based on the wisdom and science of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). My approach goes beyond simply managing symptoms; I strive to understand the root of the problem. Our relationship with the environment, strong emotions, the food and beverages we consume, and the lifestyle we lead can all have an impact on our health and play a role in the development of illnesses. 

I am convinced that combining acupuncture with a healthy diet and lifestyle can have enormous benefits for our health and quality of life. Being healthy is a commitment, an attitude, and a way of life. 

My highest goal as an acupuncturist is to go, with you, to the space where the possibility for transformation and healing lies. As Brenda Hood says, "The treatments are the coming together of the two individuals involved - the practitioner with their knowledge and experience and their perception, and the patient with all they are bringing into the moment - and their interaction."


My mission is to promote health as our true wealth. I want to pass on some ancient knowledge to you on how to live more harmoniously and how to prevent disease. I want to inspire healthier communities by raising awareness of the importance of maintaining and taking care of your health with the wisdom of Chinese medicine. 


My acupuncture practice could be a good fit for you if you can relate to two or more of these statements:

-Your health is one of your top priorities.

-You know that significant and sustainable change takes time and you are willing to commit to a treatment plan.

-You are open to diet and lifestyle modifications.

-You are seeking long-term changes and sustainable health, rather than a quick fix or a bandaid solution.


"The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931)



“As a regular user of alternative medicine, I found myself drawn to acupuncture as another option that might further alleviate my issues with digestion and painful periods. From my very first acupuncture treatment with Aleksandra I experienced a marked improvement. Aleksandra is knowledgeable, talented and caring professional. She gives off a sense of ease to allow you to relax and be comfortable. I continued to use her practice regularly as an alternative treatment for overall better health." - RAMANDA
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+31 61 422 86 18




-Tuesday 13 -17:30 Bluebirds Oost 

-Friday 13 -17:30 Bluebirds Oost

- Saturday 10 -14 Bluebirds Oost

Wednesday,Thursday 10-15 HOME VISITS


    Louise Wentstraat 186, 1018 MS Amsterdam*  

          *(no wheelchair access)

       YOUR HOME

       (in Diemen, A'dam Oost, De Pijp, Center, IJ Burg) 


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